Cena #2 Playground Project / TAIWAN 2017



July 2017     TNUA / Taipei

After the successful project  Cena #1 in Brazil/ 2016, Cena #2: PLAYGROUND PROJECT is created specially for World Stage Design/ Scenofest   WSD017  in continuity to explore possibilities of creating, making and exhibiting Design as Performance.

A temporary stage open air stage is created, dedicated to Design as Performance, which aims to provide to the visitors and participants a singular experience on creating, making and playing through the design. Conceived and developed considering the TNUA campus characteristics and its atmosphere, this particular stage is also strongly related to the WSD/SCENOFEST nature and the ephemeral aspects of the Design for Performance. Artists from different countries: Australia, Taiwan, UK and Brazil, are invited to run creative processes through workshops based on the design disciplines of: Space, Light, Sound and Object. Designers, students and all visitors are welcome to participate of the process to design and build together a dynamic and lively space:  Playground, which will be daily transformed by the results and remains from each activity led by the invited artists.

The Space Design concept follows what was done before in Cena#1, aiming to provide a 360° view  degrees view of the space with no hard divisors to highlight the permeability of the space – an outdoor area, this time. The choice of working on outdoor area forces to a careful decision on the materials and orientation of the space.  The space design is inspired by the existing elements and at same time looking for to create rhythm and fluidity to the area; connected with the nature and at same time bringing some not belonging elements to provoke a tension between space, nature and its occupation, looking not only for the comfortability, but also to provoke a critical view.

WSDesign Playground configures a space that expands through its connection with the nature and the landscape. It exists to provoke a review of the artistic hierarchical system, by proposing the action of creating and making as performance. Desenhos de Cena # project aims to enliven critical points about exhibiting design for performance and to reflect about the sense of ‘place’ on a transformed space through the design.  Most important … this has nothing to do with complicated theories, but to experience a design by using basic materials and resources, looking for a renewed sensibility; reconecting between art and life, which possibly unfolds into a potential lively and unexpected experience.


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