SPACE and PERFORMANCE  area reunites the most relevant international projects of EXHIBITION DESIGN + ARTS INSTALLATION + PERFORMANCE  as well as the work as INDEPENDENT ARTISTS and CURATOR on the past 15 years.

Projects delivered to  BRAZIL, UNITED KINGDOM, PRAGUE, PORTUGAL,  TAIWAN, NETHERLANDS,  SWEDEN AND SURINAME ; two of the projects listed were internationally awarded.

As an extension of this list,  the Independent project CENA#  is highlighted and presented in separated at the Menu, as CENA#1,  CENA#2 and CENA#3 – the 3 versions of this ongoing project that started in 2016, as the outcome and development from the  NO MAN’s LAND /2015 in Prague.  These 4 projects  represent a different step on creating and exploring Design AS Performance in different formats – exhibition, occupation, action, activation, workshops and artistic residences.








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