GENOMA Exhibition Tour 2010-2012


Revolução Genômica, 2009


Genoma Exhibition sponsored by  Institute Sangari  was on tour for two years in Rio de Janeiro /Petropolis at SESC Quitandinha ( a former 1930`s Cassino) in 2010 and  Vitoria / Palacio Anchieta 2012. The original exhibition was adapted and reconfigurated for the specific spaces.

Both very different and challenging. While in Victoria it was a more standard Museum space,  the Rio de Janeiro venue was a challenge, a circular empty space with very large windows up to 6 meters, no infrastructure for hanging anything as  ceiling is a huge 30 m diameter Dome, one of the biggest in South America …as it can be seen on the images below.  The exhibition also counted with various  live plants and specimens and taxidermy, as well as high-tech installations to tell about life evolution.   

Genoma planta V6 curv  gen2

gen1 P1100614 

         gen8  gen7 

gen17  gen12     gen11





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