Cena#1: Bia Lessa (Brazil)

Archive Bia Lessa

The trajectory of the artist stands out among works carried out in conventional and non-conventional spaces. A set of works that dialogues,  join, split, exists and coexists. As in a workroom, a conversation is stablish about realised productions and future projects, inviting the visitor to participate to participate of this conversation. On the four screens the artist has invited: Flora Süssekind, Angela Leite Lopes and Bruno Siniscalchi, in addition to herself. The dialogue brings up questions about the production performance, texts, palys and architecture.  The drawings of scene performed by Bia Lessa occupy small screens in a panel-archive of images and annotations that connect reflections and impermanent records of artist and employees recorded the chalk. From the ceiling, drops of water fall from the ceiling, changing the dynamics of reasoning, as a rhythmic element imposing presence and reminds us that there is life out there.
Concept: Bia Lessa e Bruno Siniscalchi
Participants: Ângela Leite Lopes, Flora Süssekind, Bia Lessa e Bruno Siniscalchi
Technical Consultant: Batman Zavareze e Gustavo Pizzi
Production: Arlindo Hartz

Bia Lessa is a theatre director, curator, scenic designer, and filmmaker. He began his career in the theatre as an actress and Director. In the years 1980 is dedicated to the direction of a theatre of research project linked to the theatre of Sesc Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. Creates the shows test No 1 (1984), inspired by the tragedy of Brazilian Sérgio Sant’Anna, and test No 2-the painter (1985), adaptation of Seven Letters and two dreams, Lygia Bojunga Nunes (1932). In 1986, in the arts of Laranjeiras (CAL), stages test No 3-ideas and Repetition-a Musical gestures, with texts by Jorge Luis Borges, Lygia Bojunga Nunes and Julio Cortázar, that worth the Molière Award. From 1990, acts as curator and scene of important cultural events, such as the Baroque exhibition, on the Rediscovery (2000). In 2014, Carnival debut ahead of Rio de Janeiro São Clemente samba school.

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