Cena#1: Cris Bierrenbach (Brazil)



Puxadinho is an interactive installation that comes alive thanks to the action of the visitors. At a first glance it seems an inert wall of ceramic brick, newly built and waiting for finishing; accordingly, it gives the impression of being a foreign body in the exhibition space. Who approaches the wall realizes that his nature is, however, a simulacrum. The brick lining is nothing but a printed image on the elastic tissue that covers a hollow structure, an open niche or crack where visitors can join.
On penetrating what looked like a solid wall, moving into the niche and manipulating the tissue, the public begins to impose changes and deformations to the “wall” and its coat.

Edgar Allan Poe´s the Revealing Heart (The Tell-Tale Heart) inspired Puxadinho. The work shares with the story the idea of a wall that after all contains much more than expected.

* Puxadinho is a Brazilian expression for a house build addition or annex.

Cris Bierrenbach is a photographer and visual artist. After working as a photojournalist in vehicles such as Folha de S. Paulo, she started to search 19th century photographic printing techniques and developing an artistic praxis that involves video, performance and installation. She was awarded the Porto Seguro Fotografia prize (2004), acquisition prize from Centro Cultural São Paulo (2009), the Marc Ferrez Fotografia e Arte Contemporânea, Funarte (2010). Her works have already been shown in Germany, Belgium, Chile, Cuba, Spain, United States, France, Holland, Japan, Mexico, Czech Republic and Uruguay. She also has works in MASP, MAM-SP, MAC-SP and Maison Européenne de la Photographie, among others collections. In 2005, Cosac Naify published a book about her work in the Foto-Portátil collection.

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