PQ2011 Golden Triga





PQ2011 Prague Quadrennial – Brazil National Exhibition – GOLDEN TRIGA awarded for design and curatorial project


CENA # is a recent artistic and curatorial project that explores possibilities of creating and exhibiting design for performance, bringing together artists from different disciplines of Visual Arts, Theatre and Performance. It unfolds in different editions and formats, in construction of nonverbal narratives, through collaborative interdisciplinary processes.   SPACE DESIGN In every format I take the role as Space Designer, defining and designing the space of communication between the artists productions.

The project started in 2015, after other independent project – the occupation NO MAN’s LAND, held in Prague, for PQ2015 / SharedSpace POLITICS, in June2015.


2016/ SESC Sao Paulo, Brazil.   Duration: 3 months.  Reunited 16 artists from 8 countries and 5 continents, in a format of daily activated exhibition and performances, combining the work of relevant artists from Arts, Theatre and Performance.

SPACE DESIGN – 500m2 of a light controlled indoor space. The exhibition space was orientated by transparent walls made by metal frames and glass panels of 3,5m x 3,5m approx. The concept was based on the permeability, allowing the visitors to see all space and the installations overlapping and multiplied by the multi-reflection of glass, water and projected images, proposing an immersive and sensorial experience

Participating Artists: Antony Gormley (UK), Antti Mäkelä (Finland), Bia Lessa (Brazil), Cris Bierrenbach (Brazil), Dries Verhoeven (Holland),Emma Ransley (New Zeland), Gavin Krastin (South Africa), Giulia Pecorari (Italy), Ian Evans (UK), Laura Vinci (Brazil), Liu Xinglin (China), Marina Reis (Brazil), Peter Mumford (UK), Richard Downing (UK), Theo Jansen (Holland), Valéria Martins (Brazil)

CENA #2 Playground

2017 / WSD2017 – World Stage Design – Taipei, TAIWAN. Duration: 10 days

5 artists from 5 countries and 4 continents were invited to conduct creative processes through workshops to explore space, sound, light and object separated. The artists were challenged to create works-installations in a site-specific, accessible to public, transforming an open area, and creating a dynamic and active space as a ‘PLAYGROUND’. Daily transformed by the results, in which each artist worked in individual and collective processes, and the public became an agent of integration and activation of the space installed.

SPACE DESIGN – A temporary outdoor stage is created in an open field to configure a PLAYGROUND. The choice to work an outdoor area force to careful decisions on the materials and the orientation of space. The design of space is inspired by existing elements, using sustainable materials, connected with nature and, at the same time, bringing into this area elements that do not belong, in order to provoke tension between space, nature and its occupation;seeking not only to be comfortable, but also to encourage to a critical view

Ian Evans (UK) , Po Hsin (Taiwan), Renato Bolelli Rebouças (Brazil), Tanja Beer (Australia), Jennifer Tran (Vietnam)

CENA #3 Intersections

2018 – 2019 / Brazil, Wales, Sotland. Four artistic residences were carried out, bringing together about 60 artists from various countries. 

It promotes collaborative and shared spaces between artists from different areas, including: scenography, costumes, light, sound, object, space, multimedia, VR and body.  The artistic residencies take place in the context and in partnership with Festivals and International Institutions of Theatre and Visual Arts, focused on working with diverse groups and communities. Resulting in the materialization of scenes-performances-installations presented to the public as part of a live-event. Each artistic residence happens in two stages – at first in a site-specific significant for the locality and, second, transposed into a neutral space of a Gallery or a Theatre

CENA #3 RESISTANCE Mar– May 2018, Memorial of Resistance in Sao Paulo, Brazil / 22 artists participants    CENA #3 TRASHES Aug 2018, Wenvoe Tunnel +Bute Theatre RWCMD Cardiff, Wales/10 artists participants CENA #3 BORDERS Nov 2018 – Jan 2019, Fortress da Barra, Port of Santos Brazil/ 12 artists participants CENA #3 MS-FIT Sep – Nov 2019, Glasgow Women’s Library, in Glasgow, Scotland / 5 artists   participants    

25 years of Prague Quadrennial


Brazil National Exhibition Opening at PQ2019 5/06/2019


No MAn’s Land – PQ’15, 2015


Antonio Grassi & Aby Cohen
Brazil General Curator & Brazil National Exhibition Curator and Designer


SCENOFEST – Assistant Curator for Birds Critiques with PAMELA HOWARD and students






Brazilian Team at PQ1995 – Eve Lise Machado, Aby Cohen, Jose de Anchieta, Telumi Helen, Muna Hauachi and Gustavo Lanfranchi

Highlights by Decade


1991 – First Gallery Exhibition MIS/Sao Paulo 1991 – Arts Lecturer Secondary Education 1992 – starts at Antunes Filho Theatre Co. 1994 – Exhibition Coordinator, for BRASIL dos VIAJANTES, MASP, Sao Paulo / Brazil 1995 – PQ1995 – first attendance – designer assistant / Brazil GOLDEN TRIGA awarded . Meeting the legend JOSEPH SVOBODA 1995International Theatre Festival FIAC -in Sao Paulo – Brazil Designer responsible to reproduce the sets for the play “Anthony &Cleopatra”, directed by Vanessa Redgrave; 1996 – Start working at PAIDEIA Theatre Co . 1999 -PQ1999 Curator + Designer for Brazilian Thematic Session. Meeting the legend RALPH KOLTAI, at Manes Gallery 1999 – 1st Biennial Mercosur – Exhibition Coordination , Porto Alegre / Brazil


2000 – Exhibition Coordinator for +500 year Brazil , major National event to celebrate Brazil’s 500 years – Sao Paulo/ Brazil . 2003 – OISTAT Education Commision Membership during PQ2003 , in Prague 2003 – PQ2003 1st SCENOFEST – Presenter. Meeting the legend PAMELA HOWARD 2003 – 3rd Biennial Mercosur – Exhibition Coordination , Porto Alegre / Brazil 2004 – MA in Arts /Performance concluded 2005 – TERRA PAULISTA Exhibition Design at SESC Pompeia, combining art and sets 2007 – PQ2007 SCENOFEST TEAM . Curator Assistant for the Critiques Session, led by Marina Raychinova and Designed by Jean -Guy Lecat. Project Leader: Sean Crowley 2007 – 1st Biennial del FinDelMondo – Patagonia /Argentina 2008 – STAR WARS Exhibition Coordinator in Sao Paulo/Brazil 2008 – 2ª Biennial of DESIGN Exhibition Coordinator, Brasilia / Brazil 200828ª Biennial of ARTS Sao Paulo Exhibition Coordinator


2010 – invited to be the Brazilian National Curator for PQ2011, by Mr. Antonio Grassi 2010 – 3ª Biennial of DESIGN Exhibition Coordinator, Curitiba/Brazil 2011 – PQ2011 Brazil National Curator and Designer. GOLDEN TRIGA AWARDED 2011 – PQ2011 SCENOFEST WORKSHOP CURATORIAL TEAM led by Jessica Bowles 2011/12 PQ Golden Triga exhibition on tour to Brazil, Salisbury/UK and Lisbon/Portugal 2011 – OISTAT Education Commision meeting + workshop in Novi Sad , Serbia 2012 – 52. USITT Conference International Presenter , in Long Beach – California , USA, 2012 – OISTAT Education Commision, meeting in Maastrich, Netherlands 2012 – MIxMax Brasil Exhibition at TRopenMuseum, Amsterdam – Designer 2012 – INTENSIVDAGARNA International Presenter of MixMAx project, VIsby, Sweden 2013 – 53. USITT Conference International Presenter , in Milwaukee , USA, 2013 – IDCA AWARDED for Exhibition Layout for MIxMax Brasil at TropenMuseum 2013 – WSD2013 Curator Jury Exhibition 2013 – WSD2013 Coordinator and Curator for DESIGN as PERFORMANCE Program 2013 – OISTAT VICE PRESIDENT elected at the World Congress (2013-2017) 2013 – OISTAT EC meeting in Taiwan 2014 – 534. USITT Conference International Presenter , in Dallas – Forthworth , USA, 2014 – OISTAT Education Commision meeting E-SCAPES in Sao Paulo , Brasil 2015 – PhD in Arts /Performance concluded 2015 – PQ2015 INTERNATIONAL CURATOR SharedSpace/ POLITICS 2015 – PQ2015 INTERNATIONAL CURATOR Project NO MAN’s LAND, Prague Crossroads 2015 – WSD2017 SCENOFEST Curatorial Team Meeting in Prague 2016 – CENA #1 opening Sao Paulo/ Brazil 2016 – OISTAT Education Meeting in Seville 2016 – OISTAT EC+GB Meeting in TAIWAN 2017 – CENA #2 opening Taipei/ Taiwan at 2017 – WSD2017 Curatorial Team / Taiwan 2018CENA #3 project in Sao Paulo / Brazil 2018 – MOMENTUN DELEGATE at EDINBURGH ARTS FESTIVAL, Scotland/ UK 2018CENA #3 project at RWCMD, in Cardiff / UK , program of OISTAT 50 years. 2018/19CENA #3 project in Santos / Brazil 2019 – CENA #3 project in Glasgow / UK




Cardiff, Wales

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