PQ2011 GOLDEN TRIGA AWARDED – BRAZIL National Exhibition & TOUR 2011 -2012


Brazilian National Exhibition  PQ2011 

Characters and Frontiers, Scenographic Brazilian Territory was  the Golden Triga awarded  National Exhibition at  12th edition of Prague Quadrennial, in Prague, Czech Republic, the most important award given by the event.  After the successful participation in Prague, the exhibition was touring to other cities and countries: Sao Paulo/BrazilSalisbury/UK – during the Ageas International Arts Festival; Lisbon/Portugal.

Prague Quadrennial (PQ)  is the most important international events dedicated to the best of design for performance, scenography, and theatre architecture, recognised by UNESCO and after the 2015 edition also by the EFFE Awards, as one of the most trend-setting European festivals.

“The exhibit offers a vivid sense of the national identity and the vital spirit of creativity that animates Brazil; a current that flows from its cultural sources and continues spontaneously to open new scenographic horizons. The exhibit also gives an impression of the rich diversity and the range of scenographies and productions that take place in Brazil. Equal place is given to street art, site-specific interventions, socially conscious performance, puppetry as well as to more conventional theatre. The jury acknowledges the ingenuity in resolving a number of design issues in the works presented.  The exhibition is presented with flair, sensitivity and style.”

(PQ2011 Jury words  published at http://2011.pq.cz/en/pq-jury.html)


As the Curator and Designer responsible to present the best of Brazilian artists working in Theatre and Performance Design at PQ2011, the role as curator included the development of conceptual project and theme, organising team and the selection of the artists. The Designer role is to create the spatial and visual concept and to display the selected works and projects from the selected artists on the space given by the event.  For each venue where the exhibition was presented, a new configuration accordingly to its architecture and nature.  


PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC PQ2011 Brazilian National Exhibition at National Gallery,  2011   PROJECT + MODEL MAKING

  maquete 11  maquete 15  maquete 10  maquete 5      

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL PQ2011 Brazilian National Exhibition at FUNARTEGallery,  2011   PROJECT + PHOTOS


SALISBURY, UK  PQ2011 Brazilian National Exhibition at SALISBURY LIBRAY,  2012  PHOTOS 

Imagem13     IMG_1898


LISBON, PORTUGAL  PQ2011 Brazilian National Exhibition at MUDE,  2012 



Exhibition Team

Brazil  General Curator PQ2011: Antonio Grassi

Associate CuratorPQ2011: Ronald Teixeira

Executive Production: Clissia Morais

Production Manager: Maurizio Zellada

Multimidia:  Charles Oliveira



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