Cena#1: Marina Reis (Brazil)


BaiIarina de Papel is freely inspired on Hans Christian Andersen’s fair tale The Steadfast Tin Soldier. The costumes shows a ballet dancer character who also is a collector of other people’s dreams. The costume consists of folders, which refer directly to the idea of archives it is in the grooves of the frilly-folders costume that the dancer collects and stores the dreams of the public. It offers a hope of fulfillment, as if, between its folds, she could incubate other’s fantasy. Made of three sizes archives, stitched synthetic leather, the costume was selected for the international exhibition World Stage Design, held in Cardiff, Wales, in 2013.

Creation: Marina Reis and Fernanda Ferrari
Costume, adornment and makeup: Marina Reis
Performers: Fernanda Ferrari and Nahara Backes (Ipanema)

French lamps and stained glass painting inspire the costumes created for the juvenile spectacle of “Espiral do Tempo”, of Cia. Bendita Troupe. In the play, a time vortex took six teenagers that will stop at different times in history. One falls in France at the time of King Louis XVI. After meeting the actors of Molière, she integrates his troupe, which franks her at the entrance to the palace and the dances of the Sun King. The visual design of the assembly involved the use of the virtual world elements, to bring to the stage the world of games and virtual reality. In dresses and coats of Molière troupe there were hidden LEDs that the actors lit during the dance in a feature to accentuate the eccentricity of atmosphere in the court balls.

SESI-SP produced the piece and incorporated the costume into its collection.

Direction: Johana Albuquerque
Trupe Molière: Jacqueline Obrigon, Vera Bonilha, Beatriz Morelli
Execution: SESI

Marina Reis is a costume designer and visual artist. Her research is marked by the use of unconventional materials. Since 1997, she studies and creates costumes, performances and body art. Among others, her works received the Prêmio Avon Color de Maquiagem category Theatre (2005), and the Prêmio Coca Femsa Revelação (2006). She was among the five artists who represented Brazil at Extreme Costumes exhibition at the Prague Quadrennial 2011 and showed works in the exhibition axis of World Stage Design in Cardiff, Wales (2013).

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