Machado de Assis, 2008


Machado de Assis Exhibition , sponsored by SESC Sao Paulo, in 2008 at SESC Consolação to celebrate the acclaimed writer`s 100 years  death.  Machado de Assis was a pioneer Brazilian novelist, poet, playwright and short story writer, He had a very special way to express his views of the country and society through metaphors,  known for his  his innovation and audacity, as well as for his irony and wide vocabulary. Machado’s works had a great influence on Brazilian literary schools of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Machado de Assis, Leitor do Brasil 02 Machado de Assis, Leitor do Brasil 03

This was a challenging project on the materialisation of his ideas and points of views about the country and its society ; based on his encoded and fragmented views, the design proposals an exhibition to be read through fragmented images, inviting the audience to discover their own point of views and critical opinion.

 Machado de Assis, Leitor do Brasil 05 Machado de Assis, Leitor do Brasil 06




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