Cena#1: Valéria Martins (Brazil)



Incompleto is a performance that uses interaction between body and object to create an aesthetic experience. Visiting Phenomenology of Perception, reference work of the French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and the idea of the body as experience of “being in the world”, the action has as an object axis that is only physically complete when integrated by bodies – acrobatics, vigorous, courageous. The walls of the object around a void where the bodies inserts, creating a sense of pertinent; belonginess . The perception of the viewer is given as perspectives and cutouts and leaves room for doubt. Is it a cylinder of which a human body is part? Are they bodies that carry an impossible object to be named? What we see first? The incompleteness and the questions become senses of experience.

Incompleto premiered at Gustavo Capanema Palace, in Rio de Janeiro, 2009, and is part of Projeto Coleções, developed by Valéria Martins in partnership with the musician, composer and producer Pedro Bernardes.

Incompleto 17 ©Silvana Tres

VALÉRIA MARTINS é bailarina, coreógrafa e artista visual. É diretora artística da Intrépida Trupe, companhia criada em 1986 e que explora as linguagens cênicas da dança, do circo e do teatro. A partir de 2008, pesquisa as confluências entre linguagens visuais e dramaturgia em intervenções urbanas e performances. Seu Projeto Coleções, que propõe diálogos cênicos entre bailarinos e obras de arte, passou pelo Palácio Gustavo Capanema, no Rio de Janeiro, pelo Instituto Inhotim, em Minas Gerais, e pela Mostra Nacional Brasileira: Personagens e Fronteiras, Território Cenográfico Brasileiro, premiada com a Triga de Ouro na Quadrienal de Praga de 2011.

PEDRO BERNARDES is musician, composer, musical producer and multimedia artist. Collaborated with musicians like Sergio Mendes, Bebel Gilberto, Marisa Monte, among others. Valeria Martins invited him to participate in Project Collections, creating a dialogue with her Incompleto.

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