Cena#1: Ian Evans (United Kingdom)



Desenhos de Cena #1  - 2016  - SESC Pinheiros
Desenhos de Cena #1 – 2016 – SESC Pinheiros

In a forest designed of sound – a unique composition of music and whispers bring life to inanimate objects. – Movement through the space creates the overlapping or suppression of various sound layers that design the space creating a unique experience. Ian Evans installation Whispers invites the public to take a journey that integrates sound and movement, as a believer in these as magical elements of Theatre.

He explores innovative technological features to transform raw materials: wood, glass, metal and other surfaces, into speakers. Through interacting with the space, visitors are a strong presence where their displacement creates their own narratives.

Performer, producer, designer and technical director of hundreds of productions and assemblies of theater, dance and music, Evans has been engaged in almost every area of the entertainment industry in his 30 year career. Based on a musical piece that the artist began composing for more than 20 years ago Whispers exemplifies his particular way of combining art, design and technology.


Ian Evans is educator, engineer, light and sound designer, performer and technical director. Professor of Theatre and Technical Theatre Production at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, UK, he has taught stage practice and scene technology for over 20 years. At the 2007 Scenofest, in Prague, he co-designer the CardboardBox Theatre project with Jean Guy Lecat and Sean Crowley and Babel Tower – temporary spaces for performance. He was the technical producer of the British National Exhibition Transformation & Revelation (Cardiff, Prague, Edinburgh and London, 2011). Member of OISTAT – Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians, where he gained the position of Chair of the Education Commission in 2012. In 2013, he was invited by the British Council to investigate the training of theatre technicians in Brazil and, as a result, has developed technical and design based workshops throughout the cities of Sao Paulo and Campinas.

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