Cena#1: Laura Vinci (Brazil)



The installation invites the audience to reflect on transformation and passage of time. Fluid mist, No Ar changes continuously, according to the subtle variations of the vapor system that produces it, reinforcing its impermanent nature. Thus, it engenders a game that takes visitors to discover new shapes and forms on steam and ephemeral while creating a place for contemplation. By exposing the transformation of the water substance, an element that is located between the invisible and the visible, adding up and modifying continuously, the work makes up an analogy with the visitor’s body in order to change the perception of himself.

In the Air designs a place of attention and concentration, which invites us to notice subtle changes in our internal state. By encouraging interaction, the variants game produced by the vaporous water-drawings in the air serves as a stimulus for this reflection.

Laura Vinci is visual artist. Her large sculptures and installations create interventions in public and private spaces and often encourage the public to participate. She exhibited at the 26th Bienal de São Paulo, in two editions of the Mercosul Bienal, in Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo and Carpe Diem Art and Research in Lisbon. She also served as art director and set designer in Cacilda!, (1998-2001), a José Celso Martinez´s play, The Idiot, by Dostoevsky, with Mundana Companhia (2010-11), with which she also worked in O Duelo (2013) and Na Selva das Cidades (2015), by Berthold Brecht. In 2014, she worked as art director in A última palavra é a penúltima – 2, with Teatro da Vertigem, exhibited at the 31th Bienal de São Paulo.

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