PRIMAVERA  2005 / 2017

a film by Carlos Porto de Andrade  / photography: Rinaldo Martinucci  / produced by Notabile Films

My experience as a film production designer is short, but intense. My first experience was difficult like every beginning … but it taught me how to work with a film team and its timming … which is significantly different from theater. PRIMAVERA was my second experience, a very low budget production for an art film … even more challenging and that would never be possible without the incredible and highly qualified team that shared a common dream … PRIMAVERA took 12 years to be accomplished; we shot in 2005, but only in 2017 it was ready to be shown at international film festivals, collecting prizes. A production that I am very proud to be a part of and represents me..



     PRIMAVERA, um filme de Carlos Porto de Andrade     

Primavera 10 baixa 





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